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Meet Our Newest Recruits!! 

Participants in the Firefighter for a Day Camp learned about fire safety and firefigher skills in a fun day sponsored by the Cortland Fire Department and the Cortland Youth Bureau.

 A few pics of the activities that our littlest recruits enjoyed.

             chief glover           friedman         

Candidates test their physical ability like firefighters at the Fire Academy

          cpat ahead   cpat hose   cpat tire  

Firefighters learn how to "inspect" for fire hazards and escape from a bedroom in the smoke courtesy of Oxford Fire Department's Fire Prevention Trailer complete with a bedroom door that heats up to simulate fire on the other side.

         outside oxford          inspectors            

Training in Fire Company Operations includes Engine Co. hose drills, Truck Co. Aerial operations, Rescue Co. Search and Rescue.

        hose drill            truck ops

       silouette      rescue     extinguisher

Special operations units include hazardous materials and decontamination, confined space rescues and rope rescues.

      hazmat tech            decon          

Its very important that firefighters remain cool in hot weather by going to a "phyical rehabilitaion" station to cool off, hydrate and replenish calories. Lunch was provided by the Cortland Youth Bureau and water bottles and tee shirts by the fire department.

Competition and commaraderie are keystones of the fire service.  Here "recruits" play water ball and tug o' war.

      tug o war           water ball

 All successful recruits have their instructors to thank for getting them through Academy.  Here is this year's "Fire Instructors" 


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