Command Staff

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Chief of Department: Charles S. Glover
Chief of Department Charles Glover has been in the service of the Cortland Fire Department and a leader in the Cortland community for more than 35 years. He served with the department as a volunteer firefighter from 1977 until he was hired as career firefighter in 1986 and has served as a Fire Captain and Deputy Chief of Code Enforcement. There he solidified a division and engaged the community in a consistent program to ensure the safety and well being of the Cortland citizens. Each year under his watch the division grew to support fire prevention education building codes and zoning. As Chief of Department he has seen to the evolution of the department by challenging all of the staff, both career and volunteer, to be exceptional in their service. Firefighters need look no further than their leadership to find sound examples of service. As a member of the Cortland County Fire Advisory Board he continues to seek innovation in the fire service.

Deputy Chief: Wayne Friedman
Deputy Chief Wayne Friedman is a 10 year veteran of the City of Cortland Fire Department with more than 24 years experience in fire and emergency services and a Bachelors Degree in Public Administration. He is responsible for the daily operations of the fire department including personnel, equipment and fireground operations. Chief Friedman has a working knowledge of many aspects of fire service operations. He has served in the capacity of 911 dispatcher, a career firefighter/pararamedic for Tully Fire District, fire investigator and currently as a New York State fire instructor. As a Deputy Chief he brings his innovative leadership to the service of the City of Cortland. He continues to expand the interactions of the Cortland Fire Department by taking an active role in several county, state and national organizations.

Deputy Chief: William Knickerbocker
Deputy Fire Chief William Knickerbocker is the Director of Code Enforcement. He is an 19 year career member of the Cortland Fire Department and a 33 year veteran of the fire service. He is responsible for oversite of fire and property maintenance inspection programs. Deputy Chief Knickerbocker reviews plans for code compliance and issues building permits, serves as the City Plumbing Inspector and is charged with enforcing all local ordinances. He prepares and delivers ongoing in-service Code Enforcement training to Cortland Fire department personnel. Since 1994, Chief Knickerbocker has been assigned to Chenango County as a Fire Instructor for the State of New York, where he delivers outreach training for the Office of Fire Prevention and Control. Chief Knickerbocker serves as a member of a Peer Review Group associated with the NYS Codes Technical Bulletins. He is an active member of New York State Building Officials Conference and a member of the NYS Chiefs Association.

Volunteer Deputy Chief: Bill Buttino

Deputy Chief Buttino has been in the service of the Cortland Fire Department since 1978 as a member of Excelsior Hook & Ladder Company 3. During his time in the Department he held several company offices and is the company treasurer.  Since 2001 he has served in the volunteer chief's ranks starting at 2nd Assistant.   Deputy Chief Buttino took what is now Firefighter I just after joining the department and completed his EMT certification in 1979. He continued his firematic education and when the NPFA 1001 ceritfication became available he obtained national certification meeting the Standards for Professional Firefighter Qualifications.  In 2002 he became a New York State certified Paramedic. He is employed as a Paramedic at a  regional metropolitan ambulance service.

Volunteer First Assistant Chief: Richard J. Allen, Sr. 

 Assistant Chief Richard J. Allen, Sr. has been in the fire service for 43 years.  Before moving to Cortland,  Assistant Chief Allen served as Chief in the Nimmonsburg and Chenango Fire Companies in Broome County. He was Chief of Fire Safety and certified New York State Code Enforcement Officer at SUNY Binghamton, and a member of the Broome County Hazardous Materials Response Team.  He has served with the Cortland Fire Department since 1997 as a member of Hitchcock Hose Co. #6.   Assistant Chief Allen has been involved in many aspects of operation and administration serving as a Representative to the Board of Engineers, Vice President, Property Clerk & Trustee and appointed member to the Cortland County Fire Advisory Board. He serves as a Fire Investigator and Department Photographer. Current member of New York State Association of Fire Chief and New York State Fire Investigators Chapter #23 I.A.A.I.

Volunteer Second Assistant Chief: Scott Fairbanks

Assistant Chief Scott Fairbanks has been in the service of the City of Cortland since 1992. He began as a member of Orris Hose Company #2 and has been involved in many aspects of department operations and company administration. Serving as Company 2 Assistant Foreman, Foreman, Property Clerk, Treasurer and Representative to the Board of Engineers he experienced all aspects of Company Administration. He was awarded Firefighter of the Year in 2004. In 1996 he took on public relations responsibilities as the Parade Lieutenant designating staff to represent the Department at off site functions. He served as a Fire Police Lieutenant with duties including oversight of securing emergency scenes, personnel assignments and training of members. He was Fire Policeman of the Year 2010. He has served as leadership on the Board of Engineers as Vice President and President responsible for continuity of companies within the department. He continues in his 21st year of service as the 1st Assistant Chief.