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Scanned from a Xerox multifunction device001Volunteers in the City of Cortland Fire Department serve in many diverse roles, and use their talents in many aspects of fire department activities. Their commitment to serving the community is what binds the membership, which is comprised of individuals of all ages, experiences and backgrounds. However, because not everyone has a special interest in each aspect of the fire department, our structure allows folks to explore the areas that interest them most.

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Cortland Fire DepartmentThe City of Cortland (NY) Fire Department has two fire stations staffed around the clock.

Our Headquarters, located at 21 Court Street, is a historical building built in 1914. We believe it is the second oldest continuously working firehouse listed on the National Registry of Historic Places.

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As an EMT you will interact with patients of all ages and backgrounds. Emergency Medical Technicians provide the first line of care including assessment, splinting, medications, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation to list just a few skills. Training results in a New York State certificate. New York State Department of Health certifies Emergency Medical Technicians. Many EMT’s choose to also become nationally registered with the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians.


To become an EMT-Basic you must enroll in an approved training program.  The Central New York EMS Program Agency can help you find approved courses. There are many locations throughout NY state that are course sponsors. Candidates should be in good physical condition and able to lift 125 pounds unassisted according to the Functional Job Description for EMTs. The course contains content in basic biology, anatomy and physiology, English and mathematics. Typically, there are 3 components consisting of classroom instruction, practical skills labs and clinical observation. The average EMT course is approximately 160 hours of training covering emergency care from car accident victims to cardiac arrest. Courses range from 3 months to 1 year depending upon the weekly schedule.


At the Cortland Fire Department all career firefighters are required to have current EMT certification prior to the time they are interviewed. Many of our volunteer staff complete EMT training after they achieve full membership status. The department sponsors qualified candidates. More than half of the emergency calls received by the fire department are for medical assistance.

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