Volunteer Opportunities

Scanned from a Xerox multifunction device001Volunteers in the City of Cortland Fire Department serve in many diverse roles, and use their talents in many aspects of fire department activities. Their commitment to serving the community is what binds the membership, which is comprised of individuals of all ages, experiences and backgrounds. However, because not everyone has a special interest in each aspect of the fire department, our structure allows folks to explore the areas that interest them most.

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Cortland Fire DepartmentThe City of Cortland (NY) Fire Department has two fire stations staffed around the clock.

Our Headquarters, located at 21 Court Street, is a historical building built in 1914. We believe it is the second oldest continuously working firehouse listed on the National Registry of Historic Places.

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The Fire Department Auxiliary: Members Caring for Members

It is a long-standing tradition in the Cortland Fire Department that the Fire Department Auxiliary responds to active fire scenes. In addition to this, the Auxiliary staff represents the Fire Department in fundraising events, public education functions like the Fire Prevention Open House, and at the County, Central NY regional and State Auxiliary Associations.

The members of the Auxiliary respond to fire scenes and extended events to provide for the basic needs and well-being of the fire department staff. Fire scenes are a stressful, high intensity atmosphere. With all fire department staff exposed to the elements, heat, cold, rain, sun can all be risks to keeping a firefighting force safe and healthy on the fireground. The Auxiliary provides an area for firefighters to rest, hydrate and “refuel” so they can continue to work at the fire scene with a reduced risk of dehydration, exposure injuries and injuries that may go unnoticed in the heat of battle. They work in conjunction with Emergency Medical Technicians to keep the rest of the staff at top ability.

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