The Code Enforcement Office coordinates Commercial Inspections, Multiple Residence Inspections and Public Assembly Inspections.  These inspections are performed by the Fire Department Code Certified Staff.  The following links are helpful checklists to help prepare for your inspections.  

Commercial Inspections

 Inspection of commercial properties is on a three year cycle in the City of Cortland.  During the inspection, Code Enforcement Officers/Fire Fighters inspect these buildings according to the New York State Building Codes and local ordinances. Records are checked for emergency systems such a sprinklers, fire alarms, emergency procedures and evacuations.   The building construction is taken into consideration and any chemical use is noted.   While on these inspections, they also determine the life safety hazards existing in a building and begin a preplan for responding to emergencies based on this assessments to better manage emergency responses.   

Multiple Residence Inspections

These are inspections of properties consisting of three or more residential dwelling units. They are inspected on a three year cycle to ensure life safety and property maintenance are meeting minimum code standards.  Often these are rental units and the tenants are an important part of the inspection process and should be made aware that an inspection is scheduled.  The focus of this type of inspection is to ensure the safety of the occupants and that fire and safety hazards are eliminated.


 Building/Construction Inspections

New construction, renovations, conversions, alterations or additions as well as other types of projects may require inspections.  Inspections for these projects assure that they are constructed to meet state code requirements, as well as local ordinances and to protect you and your neighbors from unsafe construction practices. These can vary by geographical location, for example, New York has engineering requirements for snow load on a roof to prevent collapse and Florida has requirements to keep the roof in place in hurricane force winds.

Inspection for construction evaluates the continued structural integrity of the building.  In addition, changing the way a building is used can require additional alterations within the existing structure.


Throughout your construction project, many types of inspections may be required and conducted such as framing, insulation, or posts to list a few.  These are often scheduled as the construction progresses through each phase.  These inspections determine the status of the project.

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