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The Cortland area has been blanketed with significant snow in the last two days. Although many of us are accustomed to this winter weather, the intensity of the recent storm has provided many difficulties.

The Cortland Fire Department reminds residents of a few safety measures to considered:
• Monitor yourself when shoveling snow. It is physically exerting. Hydrate and take frequent breaks.
• Check on your neighbor. Especially our senior population or those with limited mobility. Assist in shoveling pathways and sidewalks so access can be gained in the event of an emergency
• Shovel fire hydrants near your home. Quick, easy access is imperative for firefighters
• Clear any exhaust or air intakes for furnaces or stoves.
• Double check that all your Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide detectors are functioning properly.

“If members of our community adhere to these recommendations, the ultimate safety of all of our friends and neighbors will be achieved”, states Fire Chief Wayne Friedman.

If anyone has any questions regarding smoke detectors or carbon monoxide detectors, please call (607) 756-5612.


February11 @ 5:15pm

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January Meeting Minutes Draft 

City of Cortland by Executive Order of the Mayor is limiting gatherings to no more than 25 people.  Please plan your events accordingly.

CoVid19 and the Cortland Fire Department


Executive Order 205 is in effect for travel in NY please check the links below to access updated information on the NY State website for travel advisories

Click here to find out more! NYS Links

Local information

Covid 19 and the Cortland Fire Department

Special thanks to all those who donated PPE to the first responders of Cortland County and to the many who have offered support and encouragement as we serve during the health crisis.

During this time the CFD is taking measures to keep community and staff safe. Here is a link we are building to provide information.  We have divided the staff into teams working from 3 sites in the City to limit exposures.  The teams respond in vehicles specifically equipped to manage a potential Covid 19 response.  We are working with the Cortland County emergency operations center to ensure efficient operations in the City of Cortland.  Police, Fire and EMS agencies are working together to provide Cortland citizens efficient care and support.  Please help us by following the current Governer's guidelines, social distancing, hygiene and checking on relatives or neighbors who may need assistance.  Together we can make a difference.

During this time the staff of the Code Enforcement office, Fire Department and Police Department are doing all they can to adhere to the Governor's guidelines and keep the City of Cortland a safe place for all.  This means that there are mandates for acting on gatherings, work, assembly and certain manufacturing to stop the infraction.  Please make yourself aware of the current Executive Orders and your responsibility.  Here is a link to a page for New York State information.  You will find links and abbreviated updates.


A little taste of Cortland Fire

Volunteers in the City of Cortland Fire Department serve in many diverse roles, and use their talents in many aspects of fire department activities. Their commitment to serving the community is what binds the membership, which is comprised of individuals of all ages, experiences and backgrounds. However, because not everyone has a special interest in each aspect of the fire department, our structure allows folks to explore the areas that interest them most.

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